Deceased persons

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this website contains images, voices, and names of deceased persons.

In some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, hearing recordings, seeing images or the names of deceased persons may cause sadness or distress and in some cases, offend against strongly held cultural prohibitions.


Some material on this website may contain words, descriptions, and terms which may be culturally sensitive and that reflect authors’ views, or those of the period in which the content was created, but may not be considered appropriate today.

Terms and annotations which reflect the creator’s attitude or that of the period in which the item was written may be considered inappropriate today in some circumstances.

These views are not necessarily the views of Marlee Djinda Pty Ltd. While the information may not reflect current understanding, it is provided in a historical context.

Access conditions

Materials included on this website may be subject to access conditions imposed by Indigenous communities and/or depositors. Users are advised that access to some materials may be subject to these terms and conditions which Marlee Djinda is required to maintain.