Marlee Djinda Pty Ltd was born from a 20 year long forged friendship between Lionel and Sheryl Quartermaine (Directors of, Wantom Pty Ltd) with the directorship of Regional Innovations Australia Ltd.

With Lionel and Sheryl’s decades of leadership in Indigenous affairs and the Regional Innovations Australia Ltd team’s deep skill sets and talented team; they have harnessed their unique skill sets to bring exciting innovative and cutting edge technology to the regional Australian community.


Marlee Djinda was formed to provide advanced drones and data as a service specialising in land care projects. Thus also enabling first nations people’s corporations access to the latest airborne based technology and assisting in positive healthy country outcomes.


As a proud Aboriginal Corporation we believe in integrity in all our communications and our actions. Our unique value is in providing advanced drones (UAV’s) and data as a service, while also providing support and training options in UAV’s and remote data capture training programs.


  • Connecting to Country through Technology
  • Land Management Baseline & Ongoing Database.
  • Water Management Baseline & Ongoing Database
  • Mapping including 3d Spatial documentation of Historical and Culturally Significant Sites (including caves).
  • Bio-security issues (including ferals and pests as outlined)
  • Land Contamination – (eg. Listed Poisons, Asbestos, Carcinogens)
  • Waste Dump Sites & PFAS contamination in origin in large water bodies.
  • Carbon Sequestration Opportunities.
  • Baseline Tree and Plant Health
  • Natural Capital Accounting Mapping
  • Mapping for Risk Management
  • Mapping for Asset Management Protection
  • Updated Cave Mapping and Documenting.
  • Heat mapping and location identification of flora & fauna.
  • Underwater mapping of traditional sites.
  • AI Data services for counting / heat-maps / target ID locations.
  • Up-skilling and assisting in RPAS and remote data collection field work certification Ranger Training Programs.