Simply, Marlee Djinda provides enterprise drone and advanced RPAS services with quality Ai Data solutions. 

Marlee Djinda Pty Ltd was born from a 20 year friendship between Lionel and Sheryl Quartermaine (Directors, Wantom Pty Ltd) and the Chief Remote Pilot of Regional Innovations Australia Ltd. 20 years ago they tackled domestic violence and alcohol abuse in Carnarvon, changing public policy along the way.

Marlee Djinda, by developing and integrating UAV technology into ranger programs, Landcare management, and supporting mining industries, are creating employment opportunities for Indigenous communities with innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Our Drone and RPAS enterprise platforms have multi sensor capacity and Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) capability.

Powerful AI and Data Services

Powerful AI and Data Services

From real time infrastructure asset management to disaster assistance, improved insight through geospatial AI is closing information gaps for better, more informed decision-making..

Our talented team can couple intelligent algorithms and predictive capabilities with the precision of geographic information systems (GIS) and drone / RPAS technology, you get accurate analysis of airborne insights.

Our fleet and team are equipped with advanced mapping software, advanced drones that use sensors to capture, measure, transmit, and store multiple layers of data, detecting trends and patterns in real time.

All of the practical and immersive training programs that we develop and deliver, are individually customised to suit our clients needs.